I appreciate your taking time to view my sculpture. My work is "original thought", created from my minds eye. It is important to me that my work be through me only. There was a time I regretted not having a formal art education. I now realize this has allowed me to develop my own style, and create from "within", rather than being influenced by someone else's style and technique. I sculpt what I know.... humanness - Universal emotions and activities. Through many of my subjects I create an element of peace and tranquility, presenting it to a society in need of personal peace...and stillness. It is important to me that you know I take my creativity seriously, from the excitement of my idea, through the joy and challenge of completing the piece, to the gut-wrenching presentation to the public, wondering if "you" will relate to the piece as I hoped you would. My heart and soul are 'on line' (literally) in each completed subject. So here I am....and there you are....ENJOY!

JR Eason

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