JR Eason sculpts what she knows best - people and their universal emotions. In doing this, she draws from her own well of emotion and finds it unnecessary to rely on photos or any means outside of her “self”.

Eason’s sculpture is easily recognized. With each piece, representational or stylized, the viewer is immediately drawn to the face. Here, you see and feel the emotion and relate to the message the artist portrays. Her unique, stylized form lends an earthiness that maximizes the subject of the piece.

Be it Native American, cross-cultural women, or the cowboy, her personal style reflects her motto - for indeed her work is “pure art from her heart...and mind’s eye.”

Rodin once stated,“where did I learn to understand sculpture?” Everywhere except in the schools”.  It is in this same self-taught spirit that the bronze sculpture of Eason’s figures depict a sense of Humanity that could not have been cultivated through formal education. Her works radiate with expressive gestures, contemplative faces, and expressions of “peace”.  Eason’s works exude a sense of understanding and knowledge, reborn in sculptural form, with the wisdom only ‘life’ can bestow on an individual.

JR’s confidence in her own unique style developed after she determined to step out of the norm of ‘Western sculpture”, and fulfill her own expressive urges.  Once gaining the credibility and success through museums and galleries, JR let go of her boundaries and her distinctive style came through.

Born on a rural Idaho ranch, JR currently resides in Scottsdale, AZ, showing her works, and connecting with those who appreciate, and collect her figurative sculpture. JR has enjoyed a successful career as a full-time professional artist since 1988.

JR’s work is collected throughout the United States and Canada, as well as over seas. She is represented with Fine Art Galleries throughout the states.

Janet Rae (JR) Fielding Eason is the third generation in a line of grit-filled farm women. Eason invites you to walk with her Through the Back Porch Door of the original homestead farm house.

Here, she lived on the family farm, within a community of characters; a potpourri of big hearts. As a child, and as a teen, her annual job of picking potato’s provided time to dream as she walked on her knees up and down the ‘spud’ rows, filling the burlap sacks with Idaho Russet’s. Her dreams of being a Rockette were laid to rest, when facing high-school graduation her dad had to tell her there wasn’t a bank account for dreams.

Through guts and homestead grit, at age 40 she did fulfill her second dream―she became a self-taught Sculptor; pieces of her life provide her inspiration; manifested in bronze and glass. Years later, well into a long-term professional career, Eason, with hopes of inspiring other women, was compelled to write how her career came about. The on-going trials she faced in developing her talents while living life as it was served her, makes for a captivating read.

JR acknowledges life can be our greatest obstacle, but through acknowledging our God-given talents, and believing we deserve to fulfill them―we find our birthright in personal joy. Eason writes of her stumbling blocks; a black hole encompassing her childhood, the folly of one man and a white-picket fence, addictions, depression, trauma with her children, and pain― taking up residence in her heart.

Through challenging years, determined to fight through each trial popping into life, she found her sustenance―her peace―in creating. Today JR embraces her life...after all it is her life that created the successful, joyful woman she is today. She writes her story in a fervent desire to help other women carry on, tramp through the muck, remember their worth...and develop their personal talent, for” Life is Art”.

Destined to become a favorite read; Eason’s book will transform the lives of women.