JR Eason Sculpture Artist

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Cross Cultural Bronze Sculpture
of the Human Form and Emotion by
J.R. Eason, Bronze Sculptor

J.R. Eason sculpts what she knows best - people and their universal emotions. In doing this, she draws from her own well of emotion and finds it unnecessary to rely on photos or any means outside of her “self”.

Eason’s sculpture is easily recognized. With each piece, representational or stylized, the viewer is immediately drawn to the face. Here, you see and feel the emotion and relate to the message the artist portrays. Her unique, stylized form lends an earthiness that maximizes the subject of the piece.

Be it Native American, cross-cultural women, or the cowboy, her personal style reflects her motto - for indeed her work is “pure art from her heart...and mind’s eye.”


Through the Back Porch Door - A Memoir by JR Eason

My life is the substance for my creativity, and my creativity is the substance that improves my life.



(release date July 24, 2014)